Invoice Management

Easily manage your Revenue and Expense invoices with KOKPIT. Whether you have printed or digital invoices, all your financial transactions are directly integrated with other modules.

Income / Expense Centers

Create your Project, Department or Product based revenue / expense centers, easily manage and report your costs and revenues.

Cash Flow Management

KOKPIT, with the artificial intelligence algorithm, creates the most accurate cash flow models for you.

Inventory Management

All your Business inventories are at your hands with KOKPIT.

Budget Management

Create, track, and manage your project or department based budgets.

Purchasing Management

Easily manage your procurement operations with KOKPIT, with employee-based authorization and limitations.

Customer Records

Categorize your customers according to your criteria. Track interactions and financial balance.

Lead Management

Record your sales leads and share your lead pool with your entire sales team. Switch to offers and track sales.

Offer Management

Create a single click offers, send them by e-mail. Create records and track status.


Manage your business contracts with KOKPIT.

Sales Management

Create flows for your sales requests, manage your sales commissions. Follow product availability.

Performance management

Manage and report the performance of your employees with KOKPIT.

Permission Management

Manage day off types and permits with KOKPIT.

Notification Management

Forward your internal notifications and messages with KOKPIT.

Recruitment Management

Create and manage your candidate pools with KOKPIT.

Education Management

Create training catalogs, collect requests and organize trainings.

Product Catalogue

Price lists, product images and documents, version management KOKPİT open to all your staff.

Stock Management

Manage your virtual or physical repositories, keep your product stocks in check.

Supplier Management

Purchase history, production - supplier integration and supplier contracts management in KOKPİT.