Instant Messaging

Your KOKPIT users are now in constant communication! Make your instant correspondence with KOKPIT for your business. All private, all safe.

Corporate E-Mail

Start using your domain-specific business e-mail, manage your employees' e-mail boxes. No domain name? No problem, KOKPIT also helps you find one.


KOKPIT does not only manage all of your business processes, also creates an E-Commerce site for you. You can manage your e-commerce transactions with a built in module inside KOKPIT.

Office Tools

Spreadsheets, Text Editors and Presentations. Your office will be with you wherever you go. Moreover,
you can also work with your colleagues on documents at same time.

User Portal

With KOKPIT, ensure that your employees can handle all their needs from day off requests to cost entries or purchase requests from a single point. Manage employee notifications, access to every point within your business.

Innovation Management

Organize internal and external surveys for measurements,
Create and evaluate suggestion forms and sail to innovations.

Project Management

Improve internal collaboration and performance. Manage your organizational planning with project and task management module,
manage and report your business capabilities. Easily reach your business goals with shared calendars.

Content Management

Why not keep your business content together? Easily categorize and access your content any time. Manage content authorizations, track revisions and updates.